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Alfresco Content Accelerator

Alfresco Content Accelerator (ACA) provides a no-code, streamlined interface for fast implementations. It focuses on quickly building out business-specific use cases with reduced reliance on scarce IT and technical support resources, enabling efficient document processing based on Alfresco Content Services (ACS). ACA enables customers to view, search, and manage their content from a friendly, simple and modern front-end interface.

On top of ACA, there are pre-configured “accelerators”, which act as a default configuration or a starting point that the customer or our services team can tweak to the customer’s unique needs through the no-code configurable administration interface. These accelerators are:

Aside from the provided accelerators, ACA can be configured for many different business applications. ACA has been utilized by customers for different solutions including Accounts Payable Invoice Management, Claims Document Management, Digital Archives, Engineering Project Management, Manufacturing Document Management, Policy and Procedure Management, as well as simple search and view.

A lab utilizing the Alfresco Content Accelerator for Claims Management default configuration is available via the Try Claims Management button. As you are progressing through the lab, keep in mind that the application can also be configured for other scenarios via the no-code administration interface.

Business Challenges
  • Inefficient generic user interfaces result in an unsatisfactory user experience due to a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Any necessary application changes require development time and expense as well as system downtime for deployments.
  • Missing advanced features including:
    • Simple and powerful search
    • Context-aware folder and content viewing with business-streamlined actions
    • Advanced PDF manipulation tools such as combining and splitting documents
    • Document and video annotations and content redaction
    • Bulk property editing
Key Features
  • Boosts user efficiency by providing a streamlines interface for a particular business need and business group. An uncluttered application UI ensures that only relevant information and actions are presented to the user.
  • A web-based, cloud ready interface built with modern frameworks that can be tailored to fit specific business solutions.
  • Provides quick time to value with deployments at a fraction of the cost of custom development efforts. Updates to the no-code administration UI take effect in real time, eliminating costly deployments and system downtime.
  • Business SME users can be trained to configure the interface through the no-code administration UI, reducing support required from IT resources.
  • Tightly integrates with Alfresco Enterprise Viewer to allow users to annotate and redact documents, images, audio, and videos.
  • Simple and powerful search allows the user to target certain repository types, metadata, as well as full text content.
  • Folder and content view that is flexible and streamlined to the user’s business context via no-code administration.
  • Advanced content manipulation tools such as combining and splitting documents.
  • Edit multiple documents’ metadata fields in bulk rather than one-by-one.


View related content quickly and efficiently. The user is presented with relevant metadata and actions, and can filter the document list to efficiently find the desired documents

Utilize Alfresco Enterprise Viewer to view, annotate, and redact documents without losing context with the claim

Side-by-side document viewing