Integration for Adobe Sign


The OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign eSignature allows signatures to be electronically obtained from people inside and outside of the organization by providing complete management of processes that require secure, electronic signatures in the cloud. The integration manages the signature cycle within OnBase by automatically packaging documents and relevant signer information, sending securely to Adobe Sign and importing back into OnBase. Capture important signatures faster with the OnBase Integration for Adobe Sign.


  • Extend secure signing to non-OnBase users by integrating with Adobe Sign’s cloud solution
  • Decrease cycle times making documents available in the cloud for signing – anytime, anywhere, on any device
  • Manage processes within OnBase to keep all related content in one place – before and after signing ceremony
  • Control all aspects of the signing process by automating the tasks related to obtaining signatures
  • Reduce legal risk, improve compliance and increase security with the Adobe Sign solution, which is globally compliant with e-sign laws and industry regulations

  • Meet user expectations for digital interaction by providing an automated, electronic signing experience
  • Eliminate the cost associated with printing documents in order to have them signed manually



The Integration for Adobe Sign allows OnBase to manage tasks around the signature cycle, uploading the documents to Adobe Sign for users to sign in the cloud. Signers can sign at anytime, from anywhere. After signing, the document is downloaded to OnBase where it can continue to be processed.


  • Contract Management: Contracts can be drafted and revised as a part of a Workflow process, and when finalized, the Integration for Adobe Sign can package the contract with related documents and upload it for signing. External parties can view the documents in the Adobe Sign cloud environment, sign, and the documents are returned to OnBase. The process can then be continued via OnBase Workflow for any approvals, and dates for renewal can be automatically generated.
  • New Customer Onboarding: A new customer can sign their agreement and credit authorization online, eliminating the delays associated with sending signed copies through the mail across diverse geographic areas.
  • Lending: Mortgage documents can be managed within OnBase and extended to Adobe Sign for borrowers to sign from their home, work, or mobile device – anywhere they can access the internet. Lenders will reduce the time it takes to sign loan documents, which means that the loans will start earning interest faster!
  • Higher Education: With Adobe Sign and OnBase, K-12 schools and higher education institutions can go paperless by digitizing old, paper-based processes to save time and money. Deliver a modern signature experience to students, faculty, parents, employees, alumni, and more — all while enjoying top security and complying to the strictest global requirements.
  • Insurance: From quote approvals to processing claims and everything in between, OnBase + Adobe Sign helps insurance carriers and agencies digitize daily workflows for greater productivity and efficiency. Provide your remote agents and policyholders with a faster and more cost-effective way to get things done.


OnBase Workflow (shown in the browser-based Web Client) is used to upload a document to Adobe Sign for signature.


The Adobe Sign interface will open for the user to enter information like recipient email(s), message body and more.


Adobe Sign makes applying the signature easy—with options to sign via Type, Draw, Image or Mobile.


Once all signatures are complete, the document is returned from Adobe Sign as a new PDF document. Displayed here in OnBase with a panel that offer signature validation.