Integration for Esri


Give your GIS users access to the OnBase content they need directly from the maps they use every day. OnBase Integration for Esri leverages both investments by connecting documents to geographic map features. Documents related to a map location can be retrieved directly from Esri with a click, eliminating inefficient application switching. Users can upload documents and create forms directly from the map, automatically indexing them with map feature metadata. OnBase users can display documents on an Esri map, improving decision making based on location information. With a point-and-click configuration utility, out-of-the box solutions can be rapidly implemented without the cost of custom code. Put your documents on the map with OnBase!


  • Further leverage OnBase and Esri investments by exposing OnBase documents to users who primarily work in Esri map applications
  • Increase user productivity by reducing application switching and delays associated with searching multiple systems for related content
  • Accelerate decision-making by auto-linking a set of supporting documents to map features for complete location analysis
  • Improve customer service by providing self-service access to documents from the map, reducing request times from days to seconds¬†
  • Assign staff to higher-value tasks by increasing Esri user efficiency and eliminating manual, repetitive work¬†



From OnBase, users right-click on documents (geocoded on the fly) in order to dynamically display their location on an interactive Esri map. In addition, external content (public or private data) can be added as a map layer, providing location analytics.


Users that work in Esri can access OnBase content without leaving their familiar GIS application, retrieving (and archiving) supporting documents by geographic map feature. Exposing an Esri map to external users via the web allows for self-service of documents stored in OnBase.


  • Any organization with numerous facilities to maintain may use a GIS application and can further enhance that application by linking map features to documents stored in OnBase.
  • Government officials may survey parcels of land, locate public records, permits, or computer-aided design (CAD) drawings, or track maintenance work with GIS applications and can securely view associated documents in OnBase.
  • Utilities and Transportation asset networks spatially associate service requests, work orders, and other project related documents to an asset infrastructure for quick and easy access by office and field employees.


Map Documents in Unity

Right-click Send To | Map Documents to dynamically display OnBase documents as pin points (hover for autoname, click to view document) on an interactive Esri map.


Map Documents in Web Client

Right-click Send To | Map to dynamically display OnBase documents as pin points (hover for autoname, click to view document) on an interactive Esri map.



Integration for Esri

Users access OnBase functionality (retrieve, import, attach, create form) via a widget added to an Esri Web AppBuilder application.