Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance


Document Knowledge Transfer and Compliance (DKTC) enables organizations to manage policy and procedure administration end-to-end. DKTC ensures all employees have access to the most up-to-date versions of required materials and that deadlines for review and acknowledgement are enforced. With compliance testing, easily gauge employees’ comprehension of distributed content via scoring reports and test certificates.


  • Rapidly distribute required reading to the workforce, providing immediate, centralized access to all assignments.
  • Test employee comprehension of important procedures regarding safety, systems and workplace conduct.
  • Easily audit reading status by accurately and automatically reporting and identifying delinquencies.
  • Enforce individual accountability by requiring employees to provide acknowledgement and complete assessments.
  • Minimize organizational risk by providing documented proof of distribution, user acknowledgement and test scores.


  1. DKT Reading Group Admin: Administrators are able to add documents to a Reading Group, create and manage Approval Group membership, manage Reading Group membership and view reading status by user or document.
  2. Required Reading Assignments: Documents that must be acknowledged by Reading Group members--with notifications when new assignments are added.
  3. Approval Groups: members approve or reject the documents in a Reading Group before distribution to reader queues.
  4. Reading Groups: Reading Group members are required to read and acknowledge all documents in their Reading Group list, and complete any related assessments.
  5. Testing: Optionally, a short quiz can be paired with a required reading document to test user comprehension of important material. Test results are provided back to the Administrator.


  • Human Resources: Employee handbooks, harassment policies, expense reporting guidelines and IS practices are automatically distributed for review and acknowledgement. New hires have immediate access to the complete backlog of mandatory reading. After reviewing key material, employees may take a short quiz to demonstrate comprehension, and administrators can analyze exam results to identify training needs. Test certificates can be generated and contained within an employee file. By automatically tracking employee acknowledgement, OnBase creates a permanent, traceable record to support compliance initiatives.
  • Manufacturing: Employees acknowledge and showcase comprehension of material safety data sheets (MSDS) and operating and emergency procedures, allowing the company to meet ISO-9000, OSHA and other standards. Not only does this process facilitate compliance, it also mitigates risk by ensuring employees understand important procedures for their own safety.
  • Healthcare: From maintenance staff to physicians, all hospital employees are required to comply with regulations regarding patient confidentiality, namely HIPAA. By ensuring that the latest versions of these important documents are distributed to all employees, hospitals minimize risk of privacy breaches and support a well-informed workforce. Organizations also reduce costs associated with training nurses and aides by attaching exams to instructional videos and patient care procedures.
  • Medical Labs: Laboratory technicians have instant access to the most current versions of key equipment manuals and educational materials. Staff are notified of changes to pathology and laboratory services procedures, and can review these updates from a central interface. Administrators can easily track acknowledgement by user or by document, allowing medical labs to better prepare for audits, including regular CAP Laboratory Accreditation Program surveys.
  • Higher Education: Campus administrators distribute policies regarding Greek life leadership. After reading the material, students answer questions to demonstrate understanding of guidelines such as graduation requirements and punishable conduct. Athletic Directors (AD) also distribute critical NCAA documentation that student athletes must acknowledge to participate in competition, such as drug consumption policies and testing procedures. The AD attaches short tests to the policies to assess athletes’ comprehension of participation requirements.
  • Financial Services: Financial institutions are responsible for observing a wide range of regulations to prevent fraudulent activity and protect sensitive customer information. Employees must easily access and sign off on all current policies related to account holder privacy, SOX, the Patriot Act and more.
  • Government: From local government to federal agencies, it is important to ensure that all employees have reviewed documents detailing new policies and programs. Administrators can easily distribute program rules, new codes and ordinances, policy memos and even include a short quiz to assess comprehension.
  • Insurance: In an ever-changing and complex industry, insurance carriers must frequently distribute information on the newest product offerings, services and sales documentation to employees, captive and independent agents, brokers and third-party administrators. After policy acknowledgement, carriers can test all personnel to ensure that they understand the material and can provide accurate information to clients.
  • General Training: In every organization there is a need for employees -both new and existing- to be trained. Test comprehension of product guides, sales manuals and other training documents to identify specific areas that need improvement or additional coaching. Attach exams to educational videos and assign quizzes related to distributed training documents. When content is updated, reassess employees on their intellect related to these changes.


Reading Group Viewer displays all assigned Documents, Unity & Outlook Clients

Acknowledge Required Reading with or without Password, Unity & Outlook Clients

Test Questions include multiple choice, multi-select, true/false & essay, Web Client

Completed Test with Results, Web Client

Document Administration, Web Client

Required Reading Email Notification, Outlook

Compliance Testing Administration, Unity Client