WorkView is a low-code, configurable framework that allows citizen developers to configure software applications—eliminating the need for custom coding—tailored to the needs of individual users, departments or an entire organization. A complete toolkit enables the creation and rapid deployment of “document aware” solutions that are natively integrated with the OnBase suite of products. Organizations can eliminate disparate data management methods, such as spreadsheets and departmental databases. Workers are provided with a complete view of all the information they need to drive the often unpredictable work that requires their knowledge and expertise. Make better business decisions and maximize productivity by connecting the right people with the right information at the right time.


  • Enables creation of high­-value, low cost, rapidly deployable solutions without custom coding
  • Natively integrated with the OnBase product suite and able to leverage all enterprise-class content services capabilities
  • Scales to any size solution with the ability to create applications that range from departmental to enterprise-­wide
  • Provides a consolidated, complete view of information including all data records, related documents and processes
  • Maximizes knowledge worker productivity reducing the need to search for information across multiple data sources


Knowledge workers have a complete view of information tailored to their job role, including data records, documents, forms and history. From a single interface, they can drive all activities, such as task delegation, events scheduling, and status monitoring to achieve the desired outcomes.


  • Service Request Management: Employee Onboarding, IT Projects, Contract Management and Permitting Applications, are just some examples of the types of service requests that need to be managed by knowledge workers. From the moment requests are assigned, they require a multitude of tasks and activities until they are completed or fulfilled. Use WorkView to access and control all of the information in one place, enabling easier accessibility and faster decision making.
  • Incident/Issue Resolution: WorkView can be used to document and manage all the interactions and discrepancies that occur in the life of any typical business process. Eliminate the need for a user to search for information across disparate data sources in order to resolve Help Desk Tickets, Collections Disputes, Service Complaints or Quality Management Issues. Provide visibility to all of the information—and a complete history of related issues—in one unified view.
  • Investigative Work: From Recruitment to Loan Underwriting to Audit Requests, the unpredictable processes tackled by workers are many. From a single interface, users can drive these processes and all related activities, including documenting progress, delegating tasks, scheduling appointments, and more. Workers’ knowledge and a complete history of all activities are captured and can be applied to better manage future work.


Your application's name displayed in the Ribbon and over the Filters panel on the left. Select a Filter to search and your results are displayed on the right. Features to work with your data are easily accessed on the Filter Ribbon.

With a click of a button, view your search results as a Dashboard and visually drill-down through your data.

Select and view the data record you wish to work with, and browse all of the related data via the tabs.

With a click of a button, see all related documents organized into a familiar folder view.