Perceptive Content Workflow
Solution Overview

Complement your business processes and Perceptive Content deployment by enabling the simple creation, management, and modification of document- and project-centric workflow queues and routing rules.

Using Workflow, you can:
  • Improve staff productivity and speed business processes by directing documents to the right users
  • Automate processing decisions based on data from your documents or business applications
  • Easily create and modify workflow routing and alarm rules
  • Work in concert with your current business applications and workflow technologies
  • Adapt and scale workflows easily to meet your ever-changing and technology needs
  • Parallel, conditional, and linear routing options
  • Real-time notification of workflow alarms and information
  • Intuitive palette of workflow administration tools
  • Business Rules Engine for creation of rules using ordinary language

Qualifying Questions
    Does your organization want to:
  • Simplify document-intensive processes, particularly in such areas as AP, HR, admissions, underwriting and financial services?
  • Complement existing workflow technology to better support document-based processes?
  • Streamline a work process in which multiple people use the same document?
  • Automatically issue alerts and notifications about time-sensitive tasks involving documents?
  • Speed approval processes while maintaining an audit trail of activity?