Hyland Intelligent Document Processing
Solution Overview

With continued growth of digitization and automation initiatives, organizations more than ever require the ability to efficiently and reliably process incoming documents. Without advanced data extraction capabilities, document capture can become a bottleneck for automation.

Hyland Intelligent Document Processing provides AI-powered document capture, classification and intelligent data extraction to reliably improve efficiency, accuracy, and the speed of document processing.

  • Reduce costs. AI-powered intelligent automation drastically reduces the need for costly manual processing.
  • Speed up business processes. Fast and reliable document processing eliminates bottlenecks and accelerates business cycle times.
  • Improve data accuracy. Intelligent character recognition, data extraction and validation reduce errors and exceptions.
  • Improve security and compliance. Reduce the risk of exposure by automating the processing of sensitive and private information.
  • Reduce paper usage. Transitioning to digital documents contributes to environmental sustainability.
  • Improve customer experience. Faster document processing means quicker responses to customer requests.
  • Enhance process visibility and administration. Web-based interface and low-code process designer simplify administration, deployment, and expansion.
  • Simplify automation building. Highly scalable capture and processing platform capable of addressing enterprise wide IDP use cases.
  • Leverage the power of AI. Integrated online learning engine allows the platform to continuously improve, increasing efficiency and reducing the need for human intervention.