Hyland RPA


Hyland RPA accelerates digital processes by automating manual and repetitive tasks, freeing knowledge workers to spend time on activities most valuable to the organization. Through a robust suite of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) products, it covers all phases of automation from process analysis to bot management. Digitizing manual processes will increase productivity, improve the user experience and simplify system integration—resulting in streamlined business processes and reduced organizational costs.


  • Eliminates user clicks and keystrokes, simulating human activities needed to execute manual tasks.
  • Performs work more accurately, improving automation and ensuring that everything is complete.
  • Reduces the need for employees to navigate multiple systems to complete their work.
  • Simplifies the integration between business applications when systems are inaccessible to traditional integration tools.
  • Visually configured for faster implementation and less maintenance of the solution over time.
  • Improves visibility over manual tasks by providing a monitoring application to improve process efficiency.


Hyland RPA pairs nicely with content services products in the Hyland portfolio, to remove manual efforts and integrate seamlessly with systems throughout your IT landscape and is a suite comprised of four different products:

  • Analyst allows you to map processes and automatically produces documentation.
  • Designer is used to to build automations, implement bots and make changes to processes.
  • Conductor runs automations and execute tasks.
  • Manager monitors processes and boosts visibility.


Automate feature execution in multiple systems: User interactions like clicking a button, performing keystrokes, and copying and pasting data have traditionally required a human to execute. Instead, Hyland RPA can leverage a digital user to perform the same actions—even starting the application if needed, and closing application dialogs after the process is complete. This means that the process will move forward more quickly and the employee is not burdened by repetitive work. 


Replicate data entry between systems when integration is a challenge: When a business application is not easily accessible through an API or web service, the data entry is often manual. Hyland RPA can supply the values to the business system without the errors that would occur if performed by human users.


The Analyst application is easy-to-use software that automatically documents process steps. The identified interactions are converted into editable process flows and enable a seamless process understanding.


The Designer application is a drag-and-drop, low-code interface for the intuitive configuration of RPA. Process diagrams are automatically created with the imported process documentation from the analysis step. The detailed fine-tuning enables fast bot building. The result is a process script—ready for runtime robots.


The Manager web app reduces the complexity of managing and maintaining bot ensembles. With the real-time dashboard, processes can be monitored and controlled from anywhere. The highlight: All variables can be changed centrally and for all processes at the same time without having to modify individual scripts.