Agenda Management


The OnBase Agenda Management Suite of Products enables government organizations, corporations and universities to effectively manage a variety of meeting types by automating the process of creating meetings and meeting documents, gathering votes and minutes during the meeting, and publishing meeting information to your website.

In OnBase Agenda, meeting clerks can create meetings, meeting documents, agenda items and supporting materials. These can be all compiled and packaged for easy distribution to stakeholders, council members, and others. other staff can create agenda items, upload related documents and route items through workflows  for review and approval. Agenda items are created via Unity Forms, therefore anywhere a Unity Form is accessible so are agenda items. This makes it easy for agenda item reviewers and approvers to take action on items in whichever OnBase client they are used to doing workflow work in, whether its web client, unity client, or outlook integration.

OnBase Agenda To Go is a mobile product available on iOS iPads that allows board members to prepare for the meeting by reviewing all the meeting materials including agenda items and supporting documentation. It provides the ability to securely take notes on the meeting, flag agenda items of interest, markup supporting documents, and share notes annotations via email to staff. This is a great way to eliminate paper meeting packet distribution. 

OnBase Agenda Online is a customizable web portal that allows the publication of meeting documents and video to your website with a single click, making information available to constituents and shareholders. In conjunction, agenda item supporting material can be easily selected for publication to the website. An interactive user experience with the meeting agenda leads the constituents to the correct materials for items without having the need to download large meeting packet PDFs. 

OnBase Minutes streamlines the meeting process. It provides a means to record motions, votes, minutes and other facets of the meeting including audio and video. Predefined standard comments, Minutes and Motion text  help capture the discussions faster. In addition, agenda items can be added, removed, edited and re-arranged as changes occur during the meeting.

OnBase Voting is a module designed to allow individual board members during a meeting to review meeting agendas and materials, request to speak on items and submit their motions and votes electronically.  This saves work for the clerk and allows the board to more effectively manage the meeting proceedings. By means of a central meeting service the OnBase Voting module provides a unique real-time collaboration between clerks using the Minutes client and board members using the Voting clients all while displaying the meeting proceedings to the public in attendance on an overhead screen. 

OnBase Agenda Media This is not the same product as OnBase Video, this is a unique product designed specifically for Live streaming and Video-on-Demand playback of meeting video that works in conjunction with the OnBase Minutes application. It records and live streams audio and video for a meeting as well as keeps track of agenda item time stamps which allows the public in the Agenda Online web portal to jump right to the correct point of the video when re-watching the meeting video-on-demand as they click on the agenda items they are interested in. With options to use a Hyland Provided media cloud environment or integrating with an existing YouTube account OnBase Agenda Media can provide a high quality live and on demand media stream that will take your meeting accessibility to the next level. 



After the meeting, the OnBase Agenda Management Suite continues to assist in the finalization of the meeting process, such as the ability to add post-meeting documents to agenda items, post meeting workflows to gather required signatures, and completion of minutes for publication. This comprehensive Agenda Management solution is designed to streamline your processes and assist you throughout your entire meeting process.


  • Automates and streamlines agenda creation and distribution, reducing manual tasks and eliminating costly paper processes
  • Ensures that the most current versions of documents are included in meeting packets
  • Supports collaboration among staff by allowing users from multiple locations to simultaneously participate in the agenda planning process
  • Reduces staff time required to assemble meeting packets, creating time for higher-value tasks
  • Increases transparency by offering a comprehensive view of the process and the status of individual agenda items
  • Automates the addition of ordinance and resolution numbers, page numbers and placeholder pages
  • Electronic distribution eliminates paper packets, increasing ROI and conserving budgeted funds for higher-value projects
  • Offers instant access to agenda updates, changes and ad hoc submissions, enabling staff to stay on top of requests
  • Captures attendance, motions and votes, and automatically routes items for follow-up after a meeting occur
  • All in one solution for meeting management from cradle to grave.
  • Reduces Costs: Workflow automation frees labor from low value tasks, such as manually verifying the existence of all necessary and required related documents and data.
  • Supports Compliance Initiatives: Tightly define processes can manage security and create detailed audit trails. For example, the approval process for purchasing can adhere to a strict rule-set and precisely log actions and events.
  • Increases Revenue and Improves Customer Service: OnBase Workflow solutions increase work output over manual processes, increasing efficiency. Faster turnaround and higher quality processes lead to improved interaction with customers.



Gathering and scheduling agenda items in a paper world wastes staff time. Paper packets require hours of printing and collating, and last minute changes add pressure to already tight posting and meeting deadlines. Overcoming these challenges is easy with the paperless processes OnBase provides. Staff submit items through electronic forms and attach supporting documents. Once submitted, the automated review process enables staff to complete required agenda item approvals from desktops, Outlook, smartphones or tablets. And, with OnBase, you don’t need to change your process to go paperless, you can configure the solution to match your process today and into the future. With approved items and supporting documents ready for a meeting, OnBase automatically create packets, add ordinance and resolution numbers, page numbers and placeholder pages. It even creates public and executive session packets. To reorder or revise agendas, drag and drop agenda items or move items to a future meeting. With a single click, you distribute and publish the agenda for constituents and your legislative body. With Agenda To Go, your council can use their tablets to review packets, make notes and annotations and reference them during meetings.



During meetings, capturing the discussions, motions and votes can be overwhelming. OnBase tracks attendance, automatically provides standard text and gives you tools to stamp and bookmark video. OnBase Voting connects touch screens and voting displays to capture votes while supporting the convenience of touch voting and information panels. After meetings, OnBase creates minutes quickly and publishes to your website with one click. Distribute electronic minutes to members with another click and guarantee follow up with OnBase tracking tabled and follow up items, ensuring they are brought forward for future meetings or routed for signature post meeting. Building on its secure, central repository, OnBase Agenda Online makes agendas, minutes and video available to your constituents. Seamlessly publish agenda packets and minutes and eliminate moving between systems to work with video, agendas and minutes. The solution also works with your website to provide easy search and review of packets as well as live and on demand meeting video.



The scrutiny of local legislative processes is higher than ever before. Because of this, requests for public records continue to grow, increasing the amount of time clerks and other staff spend fulfilling requests. In a paper world, documents are scattered in file cabinets, storage rooms and offsite storage — making request fulfillment time consuming. Even gathering a complete picture of what documents may satisfy a request is difficult. With a repository that is accessible to the whole organization, OnBase simplifies your public records tasks by providing a single secure place for fast, comprehensive searching. OnBase can even automate records requests, eliminating manual systems to track requests and staff assignments. With tools to support self-service access to documents, OnBase relieves staff of over the counter requests making requests more convenient for constituents.


Great for any Public Sector Organization:

  • City and County Boards and Commissions
  • Higher Education Boards and Committees
  • State and Federal Boards and Commissions
  • Public Water districts and other utility Commissions


Can even be used for Private Sector Organizations:

  • Health Care Boards and Committees
  • Corporation Boards
  • Insurance Boards
  • Bank and Credit Union Boards
  • Private Utilities Boards



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