Freight Invoice Auditing
Solution Overview

The complexity of freight-related processes has been rising as technology, rates, transportation modes, and fluctuating prices for resources (such as fuel) have added new layers to logistics. Meanwhile, with the increasing complexity of freight cost and billing, human error has become a serious factor in low-technology review processes. Together, these issues produce a significant danger of high overpayments for expenses that never actually occurred or are incorrectly evaluated. And, since, freight cost verifications are vulnerable to human and process errors, they require proper auditing to ensure your organization does not overpay for services it did not incur. With the right transportation and logistics solution, you can automate documents like freight invoices, bills of lading, and certificates of origin by instantly capturing, extracting, and digitizing shipping documents in any form. The solution provides no-code integration capabilities with multiple business applications and live data integrations with TMS systems like SAP Global Transportation, Oracle TMS, and ERP systems such as SAP Infor/ Lawson, Dynamics, and Oracle as well as various rate engines. These solutions accept invoices in multiple formats including images, PDF, XLS, XML, and EDI, and can be submitted by fax, email, FTP, and via the web. This technology can capture line-item details and handwritten characters. Once captured, workflow automation compares the line items against the rates in the TMS system to ensure accuracy. If there is an error, the invoice will be automatically routed to dispute management for resolution before the payment is made. Additionally, analytics reporting on freight billing errors and disputed cases will identify bad performing vendors, providing insights and help in evaluations when contracts are up for renewal.

Business Challenges
  • Inaccurate freight invoices in favor of carriers
  • Time consuming manual entry of freight invoices s
  • Manual approval process of invoices
  • Manual matching / verifying rates against freight quote or contract.
  • Difficult to report on carrier performance
  • Trade systems like (ERP, TMS, WMS, ..etc.) do not communicate.
  • Digitize freight invoices rates and verify against a freight contract, rate engine, or a freight quotation.
  • Audit 100% of freight invoices pre-payment
  • Automatically route flagged invoices to an exception specialist
  • Freight invoice dispute resolution application
  • Report on which carriers comply with contracts most often