Minimum License Requirements: 
  • Multi-User Server
  • Unity Forms
  • Named/Concurrent User
  • Workflow/WorkView User
Minimum Version for Export
  • EXPK File: OnBase 18SP1+
  • Horizontal
  • OnBase

Vendor Review
Solution Overview

The Vendor Review solution is a simple example WorkView application that focuses on the scoring process often found in Vendor Management solutions. This Vendor Review solution can be used for different kinds of scoring processes. First, organizations can evaluate, score, and compare different vendors based on set criteria during the procurement process such as an RFP or RFI with the Vendor Review application. Alternatively, organizations can use Vendor Review as a scorecard to measure vendor performance on a regular basis.

Business Challenges
  • Poor visibility into vendor performance
  • Inconsistent evaluation across vendors
  • Inability to see previous reviews and identify overall performance for duration of vendor relationship
  • Insufficient reporting capabilities regarding vendor review process
  • Centralized application that provides a consistent, easy-to-use vendor scoring process.
  • An administration panel that allows a solution admin to manage review categories and scorecard requirements.
  • Reporting dashboard that offers interactive filtering to quickly build reports on any metric.