Minimum License Requirements: 
  • Multi-User Server
  • Named/Concurrent User
  • Workflow/WorkView User
Minimum Version for Export
  • EXPK File: OnBase 18SP1+
  • Horizontal
  • OnBase

Concept Solutions
Service Ticketing Framework
Solution Overview

Standardize the service and request process with electronic forms. Centralize and track all of the information related to a single request in real-time to accelerate resolution times and improve service levels.

Key Features
  • Administration to handle categories, worker assignment, and notifications.
  • Pre-configured views for better user experience.
  • Activity Management around a request
  • Different Views based on User Profiles
  • A repeatable way to track new requests
  • Allows workers to be assigned to requests and help manage team workload
  • Provides metrics to report on request response times
  • Ability to categorize requests and assign workers based on specialties

Walkthrough Video