Minimum License Requirements: 

  • Hyland RPA License

  • OnBase EP3 License

  • Microsoft Excel

Dependencies & Supported versions

  • Hyland RPA Designer (Version

  • Hyland RPA Activities (Version 1.37.6)

  • Horizontal
  • Hyland RPA

Read Keyword Type Settings
Solution Overview

To check the settings of Keyword Types in OnBase is a very repetitive task. This is helpful to get an overview about the environment or to check them against other data. In this example an Excel template is filled with all information about Keyword Types.

HINT: For this use case two variable are configured in the AMPRO file. “startAtKeyword” specifies at which Keyword Type the bot should start to read (default: 0 = first entry) and “numberOfKw” sets the amount of Keyword Types to be read out (default: 5). To read out all entries this variable could set to 0.

Solution Benefits
  • Read out all settings of Keyword Types
    • Data is dependent on the selected variables “startAtKw” and “numberOfKw”
  • Write the settings in Excel template – one line per Keyword Type
Solution Tasks
  • Open & login to OnBase Configuration
  • Read out Keyword Type settings
  • Write settings in Excel template

Read out Keyword Type settings in OnBase Configuration 

Write settings of Keyword Types in Excel template