Minimum License Requirements: 

  • Hyland RPA License

  • OnBase EP3 License

  • Microsoft Excel

Dependencies & Supported versions

  • Hyland RPA Designer (Version

  • Hyland RPA Activities (Version 1.37.6)

  • Horizontal
  • Hyland RPA

Assign Created Keyword and Document Types from Excel
Solution Overview

The assignment of Keyword Types and Document Types is a repetitive task which can also cause quality problems because of copy and paste errors. Most of the customers are using Excel files to manage these data. Using this bot, the user can easily maintain an Excel list with all Keyword Type setting which will be automatically taken by the bot and put into OnBase Configuration. As a result, the Excel lines will be marked in red if not successful or in green if successful with the new created Keyword Type ID.

Solution Benefits
  • Easy to fill Excel template
  • Automatically assign Keyword Types to Document Types
  • Reduces copy and paste errors
  • Stores result
Solution Tasks
  • Read Excel file
    • Get environment, username and password
    • Get assignment of Keyword Types and Document Types
  • Open & login to OnBase Configuration
  • Create Document type
  • Assigns existing Keyword Type to Document Types
  • Mark created Excel row green or red