Minimum License Requirements: 
  • Multi-User Server
  • Unity Forms
  • Named/Concurrent User
  • Workflow/WorkView User
Minimum Version for Export
  • EXPK File: OnBase 18SP1+
  • Healthcare
  • OnBase

Patient Referral Management
Solution Overview

As patients seek specialized care, it is important for healthcare organizations to connect patients to specialists as quickly and efficiently as possible. The connection is the first step of the process. Healthcare organizations must then schedule initial evaluations to determine the next step and medical necessity. Once all the options are on the table, the right action for the patient can happen in a timely way.

With OnBase, healthcare organizations can streamline the internal and external referral process by taking in requests, triaging them to the appropriate department, and providing reminders and escalations to ensure the patient has been serviced. By creating a process flow unique to each department, the specialty groups can review and work a referral smoothly by bringing information and medical records into a single workspace.

Business Challenges
  • Data and documents are stored in multiple locations making it difficult to quickly see all required information
  • Slow referral processing times due to manual processing
  • Managing the many referral process flows across different specialties in the organization
  • Patient dissatisfaction due to slow response times and lack of visibility into where a referral is in the overall process
  • Inability to collaborate on a referral
  • A single, centralized location where all documents and data are available in a uniform experience
  • A flexible and configurable administrator panel used to quickly define process flows for each specialty
  • Ability to automate the creation of required/optional tasks based on a process flows
  • Flexible search tools allowing users to quickly locate referrals
  • Easily create notes that are then available to others working the referral