Minimum License Requirements: 
  • Multi-User Server
  • Unity Forms
  • Named/Concurrent User
  • Workflow/WorkView User
Minimum Version for Export
  • EXPK File: OnBase 18SP1+
  • Horizontal
  • OnBase

Concept Solutions
Incident Readiness
Solution Overview

The Incident Readiness concept is an example configuration of OnBase that helps organizations track individuals who may be affected by emergency situations and develop action plans to handle the next steps in assisting the individual.

For example, as employees may be infected by a contagious virus, those individuals may self-report their situation to their leadership and HR team members. A handy checklisting function provides team members to ensure the right steps are taken to handle the situation. Based on the severity of the illness, those individuals may be asked to work remotely. The crisis management concept allows departments like HR to track the lifecycle of this case from the initial report all the way through any actions that need to be taken and finally to case closure.

By tracking individual cases and their link to the impact of other employees, organizations can better proactively assist their employees in a time of need. All of this helps organizations in ways where e-mail inboxes and spreadsheets are limited.

Business Challenges
  • Initiation Form to front end the asks
  • Administration Panel to Handle Different Rules and Action Plans
  • Search individuals or existing cases
  • Checklist Management based on Case Types
  • Task Management
  • Note Management
  • Automated Notifications
  • One-stop shop for documents, communication, and data related to the case.
  • Flexible administration allows different situations to be handled uniquely.
  • Powerful searching capabilities to quickly find cases and employees.
  • Simple form submission makes it easy to self-identify issues.
  • Reporting provides a powerful way to assist employees and manage cases.

Walkthrough Video

Configuration and Administration