Minimum License Requirements: 
  • Multi-User Server
  • Unity Forms
  • Named/Concurrent User
  • Workflow/WorkView User
Minimum Version for Export
  • EXPK File: OnBase 18SP1+
  • Horizontal
  • OnBase

Concept Solutions
Employee Health Questionnaire
Solution Overview

The Employee Health Questionnaire (EHQ) concept enables organizations to survey their employees. This allows the organization to track the current health of their employees. Employees, trained staff, or a medical professional can record an employee’s temperature and up to five organizational-defined questions on the questionnaire. For example, organizations can ask whether the employee recently traveled or if the employees has felt ill in the last few days.

Key Features
  • Employee Screening Form
  • Configurable Questionnaire
  • Web or mobile accessible form
  • Automated Notifications
  • Note Management
  • Ensure consistent tracking of employee health
  • Provide clear next steps for employees that may show symptoms
  • Web or mobile form is available to employees or external parties

Walkthrough Video