Loan Document Tracking
Solution Overview

Hyland’s loan document tracking solution is a single application that manages the complete lifecycle of a loan and all of the corresponding documents. It provides a complete view of related loan documents and decisions by making everything available digitally, in a central location, accessible through the line of business systems employees use daily.

Business Challenges
  • Loan data and documents related to the loan are stored in separate applications, making it time consuming for users to locate all relevant information
  • Missing required documents causes loans to be out of compliance which can lead to financial penalties and complex audits
  • Slow processing times due to manual data input and validation
  • Limited audit trail to see who has done what with a loan
Key Features
  • A single application that tracks both documents and data related to the loan, providing a 360-degree view of all required information
  • Automated verification that all required loan documents have been received at each stage in the process
  • Automated checklist creation which standardizes loan processing and provides an audit trail to see which users completed each task
  • Flexible template administration, allowing business users to adjust solution to meet the needs of the business without IT involvement

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