Invoice Processing
Solution Overview

The Invoice Approval Process ensures that organizations are processing invoices efficiently and accurately. Using OnBase Workflow, organizations can ensure that invoices are approved on time and by the right people. Dashboards are also utilized to provide a real-time look into outstanding invoices.

Business Challenges
  • Paper-based (and some electronic) invoice approval processes are often unorganized, leading to late payments which have additional fees
  • Paper-based processes require the approver to be physically available before an invoice can be further processed
  • Paper-based processes provide little to no visibility into where an invoice is in the overall process
  • Supporting documents (IE: GL Coding forms, purchase orders) are often required to make a business decision and are not quickly accessible.
  • Configurable workflow approval process to ensure invoices (and they're related supporting documents) are automatically sent to the appropriate approver
  • Dynamic dashboards that provide detailed metrics around the invoice process. Additionally, users can interact with an invoice directly from the dashboard
  • Notifications to ensure approvers are aware that an invoice requires their attention
  • Mobile approvals for users on the go

**This demonstration is made available through the Hyland Cloud. This solution in particular is hosted in Hyland's Pittsburgh, PA data center. The data center used for each organization is based on their geographic location**

**The demonstration configured in this environment is very basic and is meant to address questions such as "What would the end user experience look like when connecting to a cloud environment" and "What could I expect in terms of performance for common tasks such as uploading/retrieving a document, executing a workflow task, etc." To see a more in-depth/custom demonstration, please contact your account manager or click the Contact Me button on the left side of the screen.**