Employee Assistance Request             
Solution Overview

Employees frequently require assistance from Human Resources, and requests are typically submitted through a general email inbox, phone call, email, drop-in or paper form.  With a variety of avenues requests can be submitted, a variety of types of request and number or approvers depending on request type, HR struggles to manage these high volume requests.  With OnBase, the process is standardized.  Employees create a request by filling out a unity form and it is automatically routed to the correct HR representative to take action.  The HR representative is provided with all the necessary information need to act on the request.  Forms can be accessed via an internet/intranet site and forms are also supported on many devices and for many browsers. Forms can also be submitted through an OnBase client (Unity, Web, Outlook, App Enabler, etc).

Business Challenges
  • Process typically managed via email, paper and spreadsheets
  • Without a standardized process, there is a great risk of error and no way to report on the requests or track completion
  • Requests are is typically managed by HR and with such a high volume, requests can be overlooked resulting in a poor employee experience
  • Requests vary across all functions of HR, and with a paper/email based process, HR struggles to automatically route requests to the appropriate HR representative
  • Email, paper and spreadsheets are replaced with an OnBase business process using eforms and workflow
  • Automated notifications are sent to the appropriate HR team member when a request is submitted. The notification contains information about the request as well as links to access the request from the Unity, Web or Mobile clients. 
  • The HR representative can review the request and take action in a timely manner
  • A consistent process creates a positive employee experience, as well as freeing HR up from a paper-heavy manual process
  • HR has a consistent process to track or report on these requests

**This demonstration is made available through the Hyland Cloud. This solution in particular is hosted in Hyland's Pittsburgh, PA data center. The data center used for each organization is based on their geographic location**