Employee File Request
Solution Overview

During the employee lifecycle, it’s common for active and/or terminated employees to request to view documents from their employee file, (depending on state requirements.) Employers should be familiar with the laws in each place they operate and create policies accordingly.  Once these policies are created, OnBase can assist with compliance.  For instance, many employers may require that employees submit such requests in writing, require an approval process on the HR side, and provide the employee with limited access to documents from their employee file for a specific period of time.  With OnBase, active or terminated employees can access an eform on an existing internet page, to request access to documents from their file.  Once requests are submitted, they are routed for HR approval, and HR specifies the number of days an employee can view a subset of documents from their file.  The file is shared via a secure ShareBase link, for a specified period of time, and the employee is provided limited rights and privileges to these documents. 

Business Challenges
  • Process typically managed via email, paper and spreadsheets
  • Without a standardized process, requests can get lost in an email box, risking a poor employee experience if there is a delay in processing the request
  • Access to the file is typically managed by HR with a paper based process this can be very time consuming
  • Paper-based processes require an HR team member to physically sit with the employee to provide access to the file, which is time consuming
  • Since laws can differ between states, HR struggles to manage compliance surrounding the sharing of documents from the employee file with the employee  
  • Requests may need to be approved by individuals in HR, but with a paper based process they need to be manually routed for approval
  • Email, paper and spreadsheets are replaced with an OnBase business process using eforms, workflow and ShareBase
  • ShareBase provides a secure way to share documents with a current or former employee, and the control necessary to mirror an organization employee file sharing policies
  • Once approved, access is automatically granted and revoked based on policy requirements
  • This process removes the administrative burden on HR and prevents risk associated with noncompliance if employee access is not revoked appropriately
  • A standardized process increases the speed with which requests can be responded to, creating a positive employee experience, as well as freeing HR up from a paper-heavy manual process
  • HR has a consistent process to track or report on these requests

**This demonstration is made available through the Hyland Cloud. This solution in particular is hosted in Hyland's Pittsburgh, PA data center. The data center used for each organization is based on their geographic location**