Check Request Processing
Solution Overview

The Check Request Process ensures that organizations are processing manual check requests efficiently and accurately. Requests often rely on valid form data, supporting documentation, and approval, all of which can have a significant impact on the overall if not done correctly. By processing check requests with OnBase, organizations can ensure that each request is processed consistently and that all business rules are met.

Business Challenges
  • Paper-based (and some electronic) check request forms can allow users to incorrectly submit a request causing downstream exceptions
  • Physical approvals are slow and can significantly lengthen the overall process
  • Requesters have little visibility into when a request has been approved
  • Paper-based processes miss out on all of the benefits of digital record keeping
  • Configurable request form that captures all required documents and data based on organizational requirements
  • Configurable workflow approval process to ensure requests are automatically sent to the appropriate approver
  • Notifications to ensure users stay informed of the status of their request

**This demonstration is made available through the Hyland Cloud. This solution in particular is hosted in Hyland's Pittsburgh, PA data center. The data center used for each organization is based on their geographic location.**